E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences

13-14 September 2016

The international conference on E-Assessment in Mathematical Sciences is a two-day academic conference organised by Newcastle University.

The conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners with an interest in e-assessment for mathematics and the sciences. It will consist of a mix of presentations of new techniques, and pedagogic research, as well as workshops where you can get hands-on with leading e-assessment software.

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Keynote Speakers

Chris Sangwin

Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Edinburgh

Michael Gage

Professor of Mathematics, University of Rochester

Sally Jordan

Head of the Department of Physical Sciences at the Open University

Christian Lawson-Perfect

School of Maths & Stats, Newcastle University


EAMS runs over two days, the 13th and 14th of September 2016.
Day 1
13 Sep 2016
Day 2
14 Sep 2016
Bill Foster

Welcome to EAMS 2016

Christian Lawson-Perfect

Day 1 Talk 1a

Day 1 Talk 1b

Day 1 Talk 2a

Day 1 Talk 2b



Chris Sangwin

Day 1 Talk 3a

Day 1 Talk 3b

Day 1 Talk 4a

Day 1 Talk 4b



Day 1 Talk 5a

Day 1 Talk 5b

Day 1 Talk 6a

Day 1 Talk 6b

Day 1 talk 7a


Start of Day 2

Sally Jordan


Day 2 Talk 1a

Day 2 Talk 1b

Day 2 Talk 2a

Day 2 Talk 2b

Day 2 Talk 3a

Day 2 Talk 3b



Michael Gage

Day 2 Talk 4a

Day 2 Talk 4b

Day 2 Talk 5a

Day 2 Talk 5b




Herschel Building, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom