Introducing DigitalEd


The Boiler House

DigitalEd is on a mission to transform online education and empower educators to make learning better for everyone. DigitalEd online education solutions are designed especially to meet the specialised challenges of STEM education. From automatically graded practice and homework questions that truly assess your students’ abilities, to fully online courses that keep students engaged and learning, DigtialEd solutions allow you to truly take advantage of online learning in your math-based courses.

DigitalEd is a spin-off of Maplesoft, and was formed to bring greater focus to Maplesoft’s online education product line. With Maple™, the world-leading math software from Maplesoft™, providing the mathematical power, DigitalEd products are uniquely positioned to provide effective tools for online math-based education.

DigitalEd products have been used by academic institutions around the world since 2003.

In this session you’ll hear from Louise Krmpotic, Senior Director of Digital Content and Business Development at DigitalEd, about the development of the products formerly known as Maple T.A. and Möbius since the spin-off, as well as learning more about the plans and focus of this new company.