Campus Inkrement – a Norwegian digital flexible teaching platform to support blended learning


The Boiler House

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Campus Inkrement is a digital teaching platform developed in Norway to support blended learning, especially “flipped classroom”. The tool is meant to support elementary school and high school - for subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. It is also used to some degree in pre-qualifying subjects at university level.

Digital sources and tools being used in teaching and dissemination of knowledge are in rapid development and application and quality is getting better. Those elements gives new opportunities at the intersection of pedagogical and didactic challenges around building up the content and dissemination of a subject.

  • Our faculty’s jump into full-scale e-learning teaching about 10 years ago starting streaming the traditional lecture. Now we face methodology built around the principle of blended learning.
  • Our university has in few years grown to be Norway’s largest multi-campus organization. We are already noticing that the shape of education will change its character, and we will get a mix of students, some on campuses, some off-campus, some with normal progression and someone who takes part-time study and combine subjects to program over time.

This lightning talk will give a short introduction of Campus Inkrement, adding external sources as Numbas, GeoGebra and WolframAlpha.