E-assessment for the Jinan University – University of Birmingham joint institute: From content development to assignment re-grading.

The first cohort of students enrolled at the Jinan University – University of Birmingham joint institute (J-BJI) in September 2017. E-assessment plays a central role in the feedback students receive in all courses taught in years 1-3 (80 credits each year) by staff from the School of Mathematics (SoM) at the University of Birmingham (UoB). Möbius is the medium chosen for the provision of e-assessment.

In June 2017, although expertise and technical support existed within the UoB, when staff from the SoM were assigned to develop e-assessment content for the J-BJI, the SoM lacked expertise and content in Möbius (although there was plenty of expertise in e-assessment).

In this presentation we aim to illustrate the transition from June 2017, when we had (almost) no content/expertise in MapleTA (note the name change), to today, when we have content used in 240 credits worth of mathematics modules and deliver e-assessments every 2 weeks (32 weeks of the year in teaching periods) to roughly 500 students. In doing so we aim to highlight aspects of good practice that we employ in relation to content development, student experience, and quality assurance.