Plom - Paperless Open Marking

Plom is

  • a system for administering handwritten exams or homework on paper, but
  • marking on a computer, and
  • returning them online
  • free and open source -

Plom was started

  • at UBC Mathematics
  • to simplify logistics of giving tests in large courses, and
  • improve the quality of feedback given to students

Plom supports

  • randomised tests, crowded classrooms and multiple sittings

Plom is

  • under heavy development, but
  • already in use — 20+ courses, 60+ markers, 20000+ tests at UBC Mathematics

Plom needs

  • community — testers, users, feedback, potential energetic codevelopers

Please come and take a look and we can organise some demonstration servers so you can try it out.