A Moodle plug-in for Comparative Judgement

Comparative judgement offers an approach to assessing mathematical understanding that involves no marking or rubrics. Instead, assessors are presented with two pieces of mathematical work and asked to decide which is ‘better’. Many pairwise comparisons from a group of assessors are then fitted to a statistical model to produce a score for each piece of work. Research conducted at Loughborough University over the past decade has demonstrated comparative judgement to be well suited to peer assessments of conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas.

I will demonstrate a new plug-in that enables the use of comparative judgement within the ‘Assignment’ activity of Moodle, and will share good design principles for using the plug-in for learning activities and for summative assessments.

Source code and documentation: https://github.com/ianjones/moodle-assignsubmission_comparativejudgement