An End-to-end, User-friendly Approach to Deliver High-stakes Exams in a Digital Environment

Since the early 1990s, institutions around the world have experimented in the delivery of e-assessment solutions. Research has shown that well designed digital assessments enable teachers to adjust their practices, by focusing greater attention on problem solving. Such approaches allow greater flexibility, while reducing anxiety and improving attainment in maths. Backed by over a decade of pedagogical research, Vretta has developed and implemented a wide range of innovative and award-winning e-assessment projects that maintain a strong focus on student learning. The focus has been on creative design, coupled with psychometric precision, to deliver reliable, flexible and engaging learning and assessment experience for students, educators, and administrators. This presentation will introduce attendees to key digital assessment tools that will provide educators and administrators with an end-to-end experience of delivering high-stakes exams in a digital environment. It will include ways in which item developers can author their own assessment items and develop exams, scorers can mark constructed-response items, administrators can schedule and administer in-person or remotely proctored assessments, and psychometricians can analyze student responses, leading to the generation of instantaneous or deferred reports for students, educators, administrators, and parents/guardians.