Using online marking platforms to train TAs on how to give effective feedback

Much time is devoted to marking and providing feedback on students’ coursework to help students improve. However, using an online marking tool (Crowdmark), we found that TAs’ marking and feedback is often inconsistent and does not align with the course goals even when a marking scheme is provided. In this talk I will discuss how one can use online marking platforms such as Crowdmark or Gradescope to help TAs improve the quality of the feedback they give. A very important feature in these platforms is that an assessment can be marked by markers and reviewed by instructors concurrently.  Using this feature, it is possible to oversee TAs marking in real time in order to provide feedback on TA feedback as they continue marking. This form of continuous training not only ensures consistency but also helps TAs understand better what constitutes giving formative feedback thus significantly improving the quality of the feedback students receive.