An e-Assessment Landscape

The purpose of the proposed lightning talk is to inform the community about a diverse e-Assessment provision in the School of Mathematics at the University of Southampton. We use a range of e-Assessment systems which includes NUMBAS, DEWIS and STACK, not only in formative assessment but increasingly also in summative assessment. Our e-Assessment journey was strongly motivated by how to embed effective feedback within formative assessment and the pandemic intensified and speed up its use and development in summative assessment. 

e-Assessment is now established within a wide range of modules: Foundation Year Mathematics, Linear algebra (problem sheets and class tests), Multivariate Calculus (weekly problem sheets), Vector Calculus and Complex Variables (problem sheets).  

The latest addition to our e-Assessment provision is a set of online tests in STACK for Partial Differential Equations with emphasis on developing STACK codes which accommodate partial/method marks. With this we have addressed one of the students’ concerns, ‘not getting method marks’.

We would welcome an opportunity to update on our progress in using e-Assessment in our institution and to explore further integration of e-Assessment into our practice.