Using Numbas for cross disciplinary maths support - a student staff partnership

This talk will discuss the experience of staff and student interns at the University of Glasgow in using the maths e-assessment platform Numbas. The content on the platform can be adapted by staff for their own purposes/areas and questions can be used to build self-tests, diagnostic tests, repeatable practice resources and summative assessments.

Since March this year three students were hired to create a maths-based question pool to be used by a variety of schools throughout the university. The difficulty of material is approximately SQA Higher level, but the aim is to grow the bank of questions to cater for individual subjects’ needs. This required the interns to carry out relevant administrative duties both independently and as guided by the project team through a number of meetings,

This talk will also cover the student interns’ perspective of using Numbas and the skills they have developed whilst interacting with the software and collaborating with staff and each other. Eventually, Numbas will facilitate self-sufficient revision for students, and staff will have the means for periodic assessment through a Moodle Plugin.