Formative E-assessment as a Tool for Learning and Supporting the Development of Self-regulated Learning Processes

In mathematics, learning new content heavily relies on previous knowledge and skills, making self-regulated learning essential for efficient progress.

However, many first-year students lack experience in this area.

Additionally, large class sizes in first-year mathematics courses make personal feedback nearly impossible and result in passive participation during lectures.

To address these challenges, we developed a set of asynchronous formative e-assessments that promote regular and elaborate learning, engaging students in more active participation while providing automated feedback.

All the assessments, including a pre-knowledge test, regular preparation quizzes, training quizzes, summaries, and a mock exam, are coherently incorporated into the synchronous face-to-face lectures, providing teachers with valuable insights into their students’ needs, thus allowing them to emphasise the most challenging topics during the in-person sessions.

After completing the pre-knowledge test and quizzes, students receive automated and personalised feedback, while peer feedback is used for the summaries and mock exam.

A survey was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of this new course format, and we present here the first results and experiences with its implementation.