Keynote: The maths e-assessment experience

13 Sep 2016

Keynote: The maths e-assessment experience

Usability should be considered at every stage of creating an assessment: the system used to access the question should be straightforward to use, and the questions themselves should be clear about what they assess and what the student needs to do. The question author’s experience is also important.

I’m very pernickety when it comes to some aspects of e-assessment that might not seem that important at first glance. I believe that the experience of using e-assessment software is worth thinking about and is ignored at your peril!

In this talk I’ll show some instances of bad usability in e-maths assessment, then I’ll talk about what we’ve done to improve usability in Numbas, the open-source maths e-assessment system.

I will also look at how focussing on formative assessment allows us to change the way e-assessment is delivered and used.