Recent developments in WeBWorK online homework system

I’ll give an update on recent developments in the WeBWorK community since my EAMS talk in 2016.

(1) The long push to make WeBWorK available in languages other than English (‘localization’) has finished its first phase. Complete UTF-8 compatiblity means languages such as Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew (and emoji) can be used. Already there are active WeBWorK sites serving WW questions in Hebrew, Spanish and French.

(2) Exploration of the possibilities arising from embedding WW questions in HTML has continued in partnership with other OER initiatives such as PreTeXT, ActiveCalculus and Libretexts.

(3) The umbrella organization “The WeBWorK Project” has been formed with a board, a bank account, (but not yet non-profit status) to help shepherd, coordinate and support individual WW initiatives past WW’s development via NSF grants.

Others will speak at this conference on individual initiatives using WeBWorK.