The STACK project - an update on e-Assessment from Southampton

The talk aims to give an update since the EAMS 2018, on e-Assessment activities. It focuses on an ongoing STACK project which seeks to improve student learning experience by improving feedback design. With the project we offer a resolution for ongoing tensions around feedback as a source of frustration for staff and students alike. Typically assessment questions in mathematics fall into two classes: ”algorithmic/computational” and “proof-based/reasoning”. Based on this, the project rational is to use e-Assessment to assess computational tasks and to free up resources to provide high quality one-to-one assessment and feedback on more cognitive tasks (higher up in the Bloom’s taxonomy) to first year students in their weekly problem sheets.
With help of e-Assessment and redirecting resources we expect to make an end to “feedback graveyard”, the term used for uncollected marked work by Naomi Winstone in her Keynote lecture at the CHEP Festival of Learning and Teaching 2019 to address uncolleced .The project received a strong institutional support.