Using E-assessment to Provide Targeted Online Mathematics Support

We have developed a diagnostic tool to provide mathematical support for non-mathematics students. This tool has been designed to aid the transition onto university courses where mathematics is a requirement, but not a pre-requisite. Our aim, in developing the diagnostic tool, is to better prepare such students for their studies so that they feel more supported in their transition to University and therefore start university with a stronger mathematical base. Dewis, UWE’s in-house e-Assessment engine, has been used as the primary diagnostic tool and this provides additional feedback support in the form of signposting to learning materials based on areas that require attention and uses intelligent branching to navigate the students through the resource. The students’ performance in this diagnostic e-assessment determines what additional material the students are directed to work through - which take the form of Xerte Learning Resources (XLR). Each of the regions in an XLR can contain a learning resource such as, for example, instructional videos, e-assessments (Dewis or otherwise), text and images. Typically, on accessing the XLR, students are directed to first watch a video. Students may then practice by testing themselves using the assessment. Once students have successfully completed all the topics, they have the option of printing out a completion certificate, which can be forwarded to their tutor for confirmation.