Harnessing the power of technology to facilitate a creative approach to improve student engagement and assessment

This presentation provides an insight into some strategies and activities in delivering course content that have helped engage my students by empowering them to take ownership of their learning. From “Before we start” surveys, through in class “Pulse Checker” polls to after test “Coaching feedback”, students were invited to share their voice and reflect meaningfully about their learning.

The real innovation and improvements were done on the assessments front: from ranking questions in their formative assessments through adding T/F and Multiple-Choice with explanation or with “Penalty” and “Find the Error” type of questions to including 360 images of our campus in their assignments and offering a Math Escape Room as a bonus to their Final Exam.

Furthermore, giving options to students to choose some of their assessments based on their preference and ambitions gave them a voice and a choice of how they learn, and also provided me, their teacher, with an awareness of their struggles.