An introduction to SOWISO’s authoring environment

SOWISO is an e-learning and testing environment for mathematics that engages students and saves teachers time.

Educators can use this flexible platform to create their own courses—adding interactive theory and exercises from our vast content library—and develop customised materials that meet their unique needs.

Instructors can create various types of tests in the platform, including diagnostic, formative and summative tests.

SOWISO is an all-in-one solution that supports educators at any step of the assessment process: From designing tests to offering students a safe and user-friendly setting to take them and the possibility to grade exercises automatically.

This platform also has a practice mode where students have unlimited chances to master their mathematical skills and knowledge thanks to features like personalised automated feedback and randomisation.

In this talk, participants will learn how to design educational content in SOWISO, focusing on e-assessment.

This session will demonstrate the different kinds of exercises teachers can create, showcasing their advantages, limitations and examples.

It will be a hands-on experience where attendees will get an overview of the functionalities of SOWISO and tips and tricks to make the most of them.