Learning Design in Mathematics with an Innovative, Free-to-Use Software Tool

The aim of this workshop (presentation and hands-on experience) is to enable participants to engage with an innovative, free-to-use learning design (LD) concept and tool (available at learning-design.eu) as well as to create advanced learning analytics (LA) on learning design using the tool.

We will provide examples of mathematical courses designed with the Balanced Design Planning (BDP) student-centered concept and accompanying tool.

Participants will be invited to work collaboratively on the LD of their own courses, reflect on the LA generated by the LD tool, and improve the course LD accordingly. Participants will take away recommendations for improvement of their own courses, as well as know-how on how to use an innovative LD tool at their own institutions.

Ahead of the workshop, we ask participants to consider their courses and particular learning outcome(s) which could be redesigned at the workshop.